Friday, September 12, 2014

My Own Birthday Party

I got up at the usual hour for making breakfast and going to tutor.
But I wore a new dress (gift from fashionable-minimalist-Kristen).
And I texted two friends to say that I was officially giving up on Job Application #5 (not complaining, but trying to move forward in a positive way by being open to other possibilities that Divine Mercy was sure to show me next).
Then the director from said job called me just before lunch hour and offered me the position!
So I had a very happy lunch back home with my crew.
I will work with an international student organization doing public relations (newsletter and website) plus recruiting host families and conducting support programs and field trips for all involved. 
Sounds like God has a plan. He is good. All the time.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Circle of Life

Meggar's new life in St. Louis seems to be going in fits and starts. This week brought the sad news of the death of Spencer's grandfather, Ollie Rusch, after just one day in Hospice Care. His 94-year's presence among a close-knit family was evidenced at the wake and rosary today. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at Immaculate Heart of Mary Church on the feast day of St. Louis (seems appropriate).

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Being in Your Right Mind

Today is National Left-handed Day!
Hat tip to Dorito/Rowdy Gentleman who writes left-handed! And is coordinated enough to play sports right-handed!
And kudos to Sniper and Playmaker, who shoot left-handed in hockey!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Off to the Philmont Scout Ranch

Some young men I know boarded the Amtrack last Friday in Kansas City bound for Cimmaron. They have been planning this High Adventure for nearly two years. They have chosen to backpack 83 miles in 10 days in the mountains of New Mexico carrying all their supplies (replenishing water and food at stations along the way).

Thursday, July 31, 2014

500 days of Papacy

Pope Francis ate lunch in the workers' cafeteria to celebrate his 500th day at the Vatican. Despite his enormous responsibilities, he displays a humble demeanor in all instances.
The media celebrated by publishing Pope Francis' list of
10 Keys to Happiness:
1. Follow the Roman motto: Live and let live.
2. Give oneself to others.
3. Move quietly.
(I couldn't resist the pun in there for relocating, but Francis clarified he was referring to a peaceful stream and advocating kindness in a calm approach to daily life.)
4. Play with children. (He also emphasized building up the culture through leisure, reading, and art.)
5. Spend Sundays with family. (Playing with children can be repeated here.)
6. Help young people find employment and the dignity of work/service.
7. Practice good stewardship with nature.
8. Forget the negatives.
9. Respect others who think differently. (Forgetting the negative can be repeated here.)
10. Actively seek peace.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Wedding Anniversary

Twenty-four years ago, we said "for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health..."

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Wheels

Have you seen the Progressive commercials? I suppose everyone knows Flo with the blue headband. I love the quirky humor of those TV ads. And Meggar loves the customer service she has received from Progressive. They have provided her a rental car, quick estimate for her claim, and rapid turn-around on her settlement check. The buy-out amount was more than fair for her Ford Explorer Sport, which already had 170,000+ miles. It served her well for all six years of high school and college. But looking for a used car on the spur of the moment proved difficult. On top of all the insurance phone calls, there was a rush of looking in the paper and driving around to dealerships. She enlisted the help of Sniper and Playmaker (who love researching cars on the internet), and Captain (who has plenty of used car experience from the days when his dad operated a used car lot). She also had support from Spencer, who happened to be in St. Louis for his 3rd exam in the CPA testing process, and accompanied her to several car lots and Craigslist hopefuls.
In the end, she chose a white Saturn Vue with low mileage, plenty of hauling space for wedding events, and a sun roof.